Petit Chat participate in another event : Toxiic Sales Room.

Here, some designers brings some of their creations and set them to a price between 30 and 100 l$.
A good opportunity for you all, to get one of your favorite designs for a sweet sweet price.

The new round start the 5th of march and will last till the 19th.

To show you what items ive selected for you, i thought i could use Haddath Cove, a gorgeous place, created by my so dear friend Nati, where stand also, my own artgallery.

 The “In the garden of souls” has 3 colors version : blue, pink and green. It comes with a short mesh skirt (5 sizes + alpha layer), a top, panties, and leggins. So you can wear it whatever is the weather. If its cold, you add the leggins, if it’s hot you just have to wear the panties.

As you can see Haddath Cove has a beautiful decor and its really peaceful. Nati is really careful about it.
You can see some bungallows. You can rent one if you are interested.

 There aren’t a lot available because tenants use to stay here long time. The quality of life is really amazing here and the service provided by Nati is impeccable.
For exemple, this bungallow where i stand, is on rent, for 200 L$ a week and you get 130 prims allowance. and it’s all furnished. You get on top a personal radio device, and a orb.

 I thought i could also make some promos on some of my older items, like this one, Forgiveness that comes with a jewellery set for 70 L$ the whole pack.

Or this one : If. its a really fun long pants outfit with top, sleeves and pant cuffs that comes in yellow and pink. and you can play to mix and match with every colors.

Everything is in doble in the pack, one pink version, one yellow version, and depending your mood you can wear the color you want or mix the colors.
I’ve lowered the price to 60 L$ for Toxiic Sales room

The last item, is also one of my old ones but i still love it a lot.

It’s cold Epoca and comes with short pants, top, sleevs and skirt all textured with crochet fabric.
Price is really sweet : 50l$.

Of course you will find also at Toxiic Sales room, lot of other creators all with great items brought to you at low price.
 I hope you will enjoy it .
Taxi : Toxiic sales floor

If you want to hang out at Haddath Cove here is the taxi : Haddath Cove

More to come soon !



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