Hello ! Here is a little video i made about the new Moumou’s Square landscape.My first try at a video, so dont expect top quality, i have a lot to learn and practice. Music is “Onze” from http://www.musicscreen.be (creative common licence) Hope it will give you willings to visit my garden.

Hello Some days ago, ive asked my friend Trix if she would like we switch Moumou’s Square from snow to spring mode. Trix has amazing skills for landscaping, and i do entrust her my garden since the start.  Before that, she also landscaped my first little island, and i’m totally confident in her work. So […]

So Haddath Cove is the place owned by my friend Nati Jashan.I know her for almost 4 years now and i may say she’s an amazing person. I love a lot her human qualities but she’s also a really talented landscaper and a really creative person.So she created this paradisiac cove and set it up […]

Petit Chat participate in another event : Toxiic Sales Room. Here, some designers brings some of their creations and set them to a price between 30 and 100 l$.A good opportunity for you all, to get one of your favorite designs for a sweet sweet price. The new round start the 5th of march and […]