Hello Some days ago, ive asked my friend Trix if she would like we switch Moumou’s Square from snow to spring mode. Trix has amazing skills for landscaping, and i do entrust her my garden since the start.  Before that, she also landscaped my first little island, and i’m totally confident in her work. So […]

So Haddath Cove is the place owned by my friend Nati Jashan.I know her for almost 4 years now and i may say she’s an amazing person. I love a lot her human qualities but she’s also a really talented landscaper and a really creative person.So she created this paradisiac cove and set it up […]

Petit Chat participate in another event : Toxiic Sales Room. Here, some designers brings some of their creations and set them to a price between 30 and 100 l$.A good opportunity for you all, to get one of your favorite designs for a sweet sweet price. The new round start the 5th of march and […]

So Petit Chat is also participating to the Fashion Wardrobe event (thanks to my friend PinkRayne who gave me the tip).Here no exclusivity asked BUT great deals. Each round last 1 month. It started a the beguining of march and will last till the 31st. Here a fine selection of SL Designers present you some […]