Leaving darkness behind… (Ella gown @ PENUMBRA FW AW16) graphic

Leaving darkness behind… (Ella gown @ PENUMBRA FW AW16)

I don’t miss you, darkness. I left you years ago, when I decided to choose life instead of you. I chose my inner light instead of your shadow. For that I had to make compromises, but I never ever regreted my choice. I chose the other direction…. I left you behind… Currently running is the […]



And yes ! New flash group gift is out….This week-end the gift is the red “Circus” outfit. Not really recent, but one of the classics at Petit Chat. This lovely short dress comes in 5 standard sizes and a mesh mask is included in the pack. This is one item taken from the ArtFashion collection.Here […]

Endless summer…. graphic

Endless summer….

Where i live, it happens often that summer doesn’t want to stop when Fall should normally starts. And so we keep having hot temps and sunshine till late october, sometimes november.We call it Indian summer and we usually enjoy it because it’s a bit like our own summer… without the crowd of turists we have […]