So Petit Chat is also participating to the Fashion Wardrobe event (thanks to my friend PinkRayne who gave me the tip).
Here no exclusivity asked BUT great deals. Each round last 1 month. It started a the beguining of march and will last till the 31st.

Here a fine selection of SL Designers present you some of their items for a price between 50 and 100 L$. And of course, always in the wish to make you take benefit of some of my items for a small amount of L$, i’ve selected 3 of my recent releases and lowered the price for you can have them at 100 L$ only.

The Petit Chat’s shelves are located in the secondary room on your right side when you come inside the big store.

The first outfit i ‘ve selected for you is the Elixir. A gorgeous Turquoise-blue and chocolate skirt outfit. The top comes with or without the leather corset.
The skirt is mesh and comes in 6 sizes + alpha.
The regular price of this gorgeous and highly detailled outfit is 200 L$ BUT you can find it at 100 L$ only a the fashion Wardrobe till the end of the month of march.

The second and third items are my new release “Glamour dress” in red or in grey.

Here is the grey version.
Each include a velvet scarf and a beret and also panties.
Grey version has some parts in red, and vice-versa for the red version.

So i thought i could show you the red version from the back… Hehehehe.. Isn’t it sexy ?
Both dress are copy only but scarf and beret are non rigged so they have a resize script inside. Just make a backup copy and resize them as you want, then delete the script from the menu for less lag.
Regular price is 130 L$ in the mainstore, but you can have them for 100 L$ at the Fashion Wardrobe event till the end of the month.

Of course, i advice you to try the demos first. You can get each of them by just touching the vendor and hit “Demo” in the menu that will pop up. Demo will come in a bag. Just wear the bag on your hand and click on it. Then you will get the folder in your inventory. No need to go to a sandbox for rezzing and unpacking.
That said, the regular items will need to be rezzed and unpacked, but you dont need that for the demo :).

Here is the taxi : The fashion wardrobe (Slurl updated)
Enjoy !



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