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I have exciting news for you today !

First of all, Im doing my first round at Shiny Shabby event ! This one has always been one of my favorite shopping place. I love the decor and the atmosphere Neva Crystall have put together. Also it gather most of my prefered stores. So yep, im really happy to be present with Petit Chat at this round !

Troika plateform sandals @ Shiny Shabby-May round

So my exclusive is a pair of sandals. But not common sandals, those are plateforms ! The inspiration came because i got in RL a pair of plateform sandals. They are a lot differents than the ones i made for SL but they are my first pair of plateforms ever and i found that so much comfy that i had to make one pair in SL for all those delicate avatar feet !

<img src="troika-blog.png" alt="Troika plateform for Shiny Shabby event" height="1295" width="2048">There are 6 options available. For each of them you get a hud with a palette of 3 colors to mix and match on each of the parts (sole, back & ankle, each straps, and metal buckle).

The fatpack includes of course the 6 huds and you may play with them and mixing colors aswell.

There are compatible with Maitreya, Belleza and Slink feet.

Also you get one pair of unrigged shoes.

As they are modify, you may adjust them to any other mesh feet with a flat arch.

You will find those shoes at my stand at Shiny Shabby (Direct TP).  The event is open till june 15th.

More details on our Event Page. 

Moumou’s Square is reopen with a whole new landscape !

The second exciting news i have is that, after a few weeks of work, Moumou’s Square is finally back with a whole new landscape and decor.

The inspiration remains my RL french region (Languedoc-Roussillon) but this time i went further. My friend Trixxie Nitely helped me doing the terraforming and digging a canal all over the sim.

The Canal is the main axis of the landscape. It was not possible to make canal locks with linden waters, but i got some beautiful animated bridge from D-Lab at the last Arcade that gives a bit the idea.

The sim is split in several spots all inspirated from my RL region. The vegetation is present, but it tends to be dry. It’s not desert at all. It s just we dont have enough rain along the year to get our grass and other plants super green. We have flowers, trees, plants but they are not needing a lot of water and they are more yellow than green.

I will make a page to introduce the sim on this blog in the following weeks.

For now i took the photo before the grocery on the Central Square at Moumou’s. It was late and i had nothing for my dinner. I needed a few veggies for a salad. So this is where i was when i made that photo, and of course i was wearing my plateform sandals .

<img src="the-fountain.png" alt="Central square : the fountain" height="957" width="1721">
Moumou’s Central Square : The fountain

If you need veggies or fruits too, here is the address : Moumou’s Square Grocery . It is 100 % from organic farming, so super good for the health.

While you are there of course, feel free to visit the rest of the sim, i will try to showcase a few spots in my following posts.

Credits :

(top picture)

I am wearing :

Earrings and Necklace : Petit Chat Cherry Jewel set (currently at Lost & Found event. See HERE
Sandals : *PC* Troika plateform (currently at Shiny Shabby event )
Mesh Head : Genesis_Head_Sofie_3.2 Bento
Skin : HUD_Genesis_Skin_Angie_CREAM
Mesh body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Mesh ears : Genesis_Lab_Ears_3.0_Tunnel_Oreille_De_Lotus
Dress : Storybook – Frenchie – Dress – Purple
Garter : Storybook – Frenchie – Garter – Purple
Hair : Tableau Vivant \\ My Day @ Home – [ Rare pack 3 ]
Eyes : [ GA.EG ] Ultimate Eyes
Pose : Point & Shoot :  My Love 2

I usually list the decor too, but you may come and visit by yourself 🙂


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