I am thrilled to announce you that we have a new store building ! That was is still on the rural theme from the outside but we did renovate the inside for making it look modern. Aside the style, this new building is really bigger than our watermill so your shopping experience should be a lot enhanced.

<img src="new-store-outsideblog.png" alt="New Petit Chat building from outside" height="1191" width="2048">

And we are also in the process to update the landscape of the sim. This will be done probably next week, while the store is ready to welcome you and we officially reopen it today !

And we have a lot of great news for you !

Grand reopening = 50 % sales from 6th till 14th !

That’s it ! We have set ALL our vendors to 50 % off the price and it will remain like this till May, 14th. This will give you a great opportunity to visit the new store and its rooms.

<img src="new-store-blog.png" alt="New store view from inside" height="1006" width="2048">

Check the lil rooms aswell and we have placed the old collection upstairs (unlike the downstairs items, those are not original mesh and are to be retired within a few months).

There are really a lot of great deals to get so do not miss this sale. Also it’s the perfect moment to get fatpacks at low price.

Earlier than usually : our new flash group gift is out !

Yes !

As I’ll be away this week end and since we had no flash group gift last week due to the works on the sim, there was no way i delay again this weekly offer. So it will happen a bit earlier than usually and will last as usually till tuesday first hour of the day.

<img src="heaven-blindfold-purple.png" alt="adpic for Heaven blindfold purple for flash groupgift" height="736" width="1024">

Our selection this week end is the Heaven Blindfold in purple.

A 100 % original mesh item, all copy and mod.

Read more details here.

You will find this gift right at the entrance, next to the big counter along with the monthly groupgift sign.

Just wear your grouptag and click the box as usually.

Direct TAXI 

New release @ Chapter 4 : Flowery Sandals and….. A gift : Flowery eyepatch !

Chapter 4 just opened and it’s the 4th anniversary round ! So… This means…. A gift at each stand ! Yes …. and as there are extra designers for this round on top, well this make a lot of gifts for you ! You just need to join the Chapter 4 group and click all the gift boxes.

On Petit Chat stand, you will find our exclusive item : Flowery Sandals. Because it’s spring… because i love flowers…. because i love colors too… So when you will see those adorable sandals you will understand what i mean.

<img src=" square-poster-sl.png" alt="Flowered Sandals poster for Chapter 4" height="1020" width="1024">

Each version comes with a hud for changing colors on each part of the sandals separately (except the straps which will come in the fatpack hud).

They are compatible with Belleza, Maitreya and slink and you get also an unrigged version.

More details in our dedicated page. 

Taxi to Chapter 4 

Of course, i can’t close this paragraph without showing you the gift you may get on my stand there 🙂

<img src=" Flowery-eyepatch-poster.png" alt="adpic Flowery Eyepatch for Chapter 4" height="1020" width="1024">


New release at The Old Fair : Flowery Jewellery :

We are also at The Old Fair and from the same Flowery collection we are releasing a set of gorgeous necklace and bracelets.

<img src=" squaresl.png" alt="Flowery jewellery poster for The Old Fair" height="1020" width="1024">

Both piece comes with a texture Hud with the same palette for the flowers than the sandals and the eye-patch.

Beads are metal and comes with 4 options.

It’s all 100 % original mesh and copy and mod.

Taxi to the event.

More details on our dedicated page. 

35 % on our LilEgg Earrings @ The Avenue Event !

And last, but not least, we are having a sale on our cute LilEgg Earrings at the Avenue Event.

So you may get each single packs for 55 l$ only ! Yes !

<img src=" lil-egg-square.png" alt="adpic Lilegg earrings for The Avenue" height="1020" width="1024">

Each pack comes with a Hud with all color options + 1 pattern option.

Fatpack has the 8 pattern options.

Taxi to the event

More details on our dedicated page.


Ok, time for me to wish you all a super great week end and to go to pack my stuffs as im going to spend 2 days with my family in RL.

Have fun and do not hesitate to IM me if you need support in my store, i always check my Ims from my mailbox and i can answer from there aswell.



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