Coucou ! On top of the Fashion Collective and the True Fashion Times, Petit Chat is currently participating to the Vogue Fall Festival 2014. As I got a week of RL vacations i could create some exclusive items for this event. Petit Chat stall at the event. First there are those 4 superb leather jackets […]

Coucou ! On the 1st of november will start a new round at the Fashion Collective and for this one I created a gown inspired by nature elements and materials : the Chemistry gown. For this event, 3 versions will be released : water, rust and rain. Then at the True Fashion Time event (starting […]

Coucou ! If you follow this blog, you know already there is events i wouldn’t like to miss for anything in that world, those are the Penumbra events.  I am just fan of the profesionalism of the team and I really like the way they have to manage their events. After 2 fashionweek events I […]